Devotional D/s

Denotes Dominance and submission practiced between those in a healthy, loving relationship, as opposed to the broader genre of general D/s, which is so often practiced between more casual partners or strangers, in clubs and other gatherings.

It isn't a matter of the intensity of the D/s, it's about the different Headspace when submission is offered to a Love, and the Dominance is practiced on someone you adore, which elevates the emotional and psychological intensity of the physical play so gorgeously.

Very severe D/s can still be very Devotional, if that is what the Bottom requires to get to the headspace that fulfills her the most.

If severe D/s would scare her, or push abuse buttons, or otherwise not bring something positive and fulfilling, then it's not Devotional D/s for her: She needs a different level of these things to be Adored via D/s...

Which is why we feel that it's integral to attaining the "whole package" of D/s lifestyle fulfillment, that it be between adults in a healthy, committed relationship, where the trust and mutual understanding and mutual empathy can enhance this all profoundly.