Adoring Discipline

A phrase coined to differentiate the mere physical acts of spanking (which many include in their life for varying levels of physical need), from the entire aura and Headspace of Punishmentality in a very loving relationship, where the emotional needs of the disciplinee are very well understood by a Disciplinarian who adores her.

The "Adoring" part does NOT preclude the seriousness of the discipline (punishment). Our belief is that, for those whom are moved and fulfilled by feeling tended-to and thoroughly punished by a trusted loved one to whom they've willingly given the authority to do so, the amount or severity of the punishment depends on what works for them.

So, for someone who requires very severe punishment in order to feel the fulfillment and Punishmentality they need, very severe punishment IS Adoring Discipline. For one who would feel terrified, abused, or otherwise negatively-treated afterward by severe punishment, lighter, more symbolic discipline might suffice, and therefore be equally as Adoring a version of Discipline as the previous example.