Act Of Contrition

Many special girls are bright enough to know why performing an Act of Contrition is a powerful part of the Absolution process, after someone takes the time and energy to curb their behavior with Adoring Discipline.
GIF of a young lady performing an Act Of Contrition (fellatio)

But of course, if the Discipline is well-earned, then it must be resolutely delivered, in a complete and thorough manner, with the attention to detail that such a special girl deserves.

So it can be rather awkward, even impossible, for such a special girl to perform the most contrite of Acts of Contrition, when they're likely to be very sniffly and all cloggy from such a good, long cry across Daddy's knee.

I'd imagine that most Forward Thinking Daddies understand this, and see no lessening of the Contrition if a Liddel Lady performs the act later that night -- perhaps at bedtime, when being tucked-in, if the Punishment wasn't a bedtime spanking to begin with.

In such a case, when it's near her bedtime anyway, and the fresh hot tears and snufflieness that come with a Devotedly applied Punishment are likely to disappoint the well-tended-to Liddel Lady, prevent her from thanking Daddy and showing him she will always accept his Authority and his Punishments with this most lovely of Act of Contrition before she's forehead-kissed off to sleep...
But Listerine breath strips can help a little girl thank her Daddy properly even when a spanking has snuffled her all up so she otherwise couldn't breathe...
Picture of package of Listerine Strips
...these strips, especially the cinnamon flavor, are *very* handy for unsnuffling such a young lady very quickly, clearing other airways for use while she thanks Daddy for taking the time to Correct her, in the most primordial and charming of ways.